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Inspection Options

Our canine bed bug treatment inspection in Alexandria, VA

Canine Inspection

Our canine inspection team is trained and certified at the highest level by a National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA), training facility and stays abreast of the latest detection and training techniques. 

We efficiently and accurately detect early low infestations, to continue with the quickest remedy for every specific situation.

Some may already be certain that they have bed bugs in their home or business but haven’t seen them, live doubt free because our inspection team can pinpoint the degree of severity and seek the main source of the population with incredible accuracy with a “man’s best friend” our special K9 dogs.

A certified handler will lead the dog around every room while they sniff for live bed bugs and their eggs in and behind furniture, mattresses and box springs, closets, dresser drawers, and toy boxes. These are places harder for a human inspector to reach.  When the CiMEX dogs’ alerts, our handler will confirm the presence of live bugs and/or eggs in the identified area. Our handler takes detailed notes of infested locations so that all bed bugs are eliminated during your chosen treatment process.

Visual Inspections

Usually visual inspections are more common when someone has seen and been bit by bed bugs already and want to verify the species with a technician.

Our bed bug detection team has extensive training and work experience. Upon arrival at your home or business, our detection team will immediately start the inspection process. They are experts at knowing bed bugs favorite places to hide.

Our employees will confirm their presence or absence in your home and identify where they are hiding.  Most importantly, we provide the best information possible to determine an effective treatment plan.


Treatment plans

Bed Bug Inspection Service

Thermal Convection Heat Treatment

Immediate relieve is our number one goal, bed bugs are incredibly tough and resilient with one exception— they die quickly under high heat conditions.  The science is simple and proven.   All life stages including eggs are completely eradicated when exposed to temperatures over 120°F for a relatively brief time period. For this reason, heat is absolutely the best method for achieving complete elimination of bed bugs and their eggs with a single treatment.

 The process works because the heat treats all areas of the home including cracks and crevices. As the home reaches temperatures of 135 degrees Fahrenheit, beds, sheets, mattresses, and linens will get extremely hot. No matter how well hidden, the bed bugs will be unable to escape from the heat. The high temperature makes the entire home deadly to bed bugs and their eggs unlike sprays and powders which only make the treated areas dangerous.

Alleviation from these pests is our number one goal. We know the bites and rashes are the worst part of it. Let us worry about the solution, CiMEX provides and easy to follow prep list by following it we can assure heat to penetrate beds, furniture, electronics, wall voids and clothing.  The technicians will open drawers, closets, bags and boxes; and also move furniture and beds to ensure heat reaches all areas where bed bugs may be hiding.

An ecofriendly approach to termination for those who prefer a solution free of pesticides. Our technicians will introduce heat safely into your business or residence using state-of-the-art thermal convection heaters and powerful fans to distribute the heat evenly to all areas. This process allows heat to penetrate beds, furniture, electronics, wall voids and clothing. Heat is the best solution to end bed bug nightmares. Convectex heaters are the safest solution to extermination.

Preparation required for the heat treatment process is simple.   Please read our Preparation Guide for Thermal Convection Heat Treatment

The entire process takes 12 to 24 hours, under constant monitoring by our technicians.  Temperature probes will be used under carpets, behind baseboards, and inside mattresses to continuously monitor temperatures to guarantee complete bed bug extermination. Once temperatures above 135 degrees Fahrenheit have been recorded in a room, we will continue to heat for an additional 4-5 hours.

“Just push in the plugs and kill the bugs!”

Steam Treatment

Bed Bug Extermination Service

Steaming is an affordable alternative to Thermal Convection Heat.  Steam will effectively kill bed bugs in all the stages of development; however, it may require multiple treatments to achieve complete elimination.  Our technicians will steam mattresses, box springs, furniture, carpets, toys, and draperies. After streaming, we treat with ecologically friendly processes to further ensure the demise of any bed bugs and eggs.  We often solve the bed bug problem with one or two steam treatments. In some cases, a third treatment is required to eradicate any remaining bed bugs.

Our CiMEX technicians are equipped with commercial steamers and trained and experienced with using steam to deliver lethal temperatures to where bed bugs are hiding. Steam is very effective when bed bugs are on the surface of items and up to 3/4″ into fabric surfaces. In cracks and crevices, steam will kill bed bugs up to 2-1/2” into a gap. We use infrared thermometers to monitor the surface temperature of the area being treated. To effectively kill bed bugs the surface temperature must reach 160-180°F immediately after the steam brush has passed.

Preparation required for steaming is more comprehensive than with Thermal Convection Heat. Please read our Preparation Guide for Steam Treatment.


Our goal is to let you sleep bed bug bite free.

We like to take time by speaking with each customer, to provide a treatment plan that are specifically for them.