Meet Sally And Gus

Sally and Gus are professionally trained and National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) certified bed bug detection dogs who truly love their work.  Prior to joining CiMEX, they both worked with a professional bed bug dog trainer and interned at hospitals, nursing homes and hotels. Not only are they the ultimate bed bug professional, Sally and Gus are both extremely gentle, kind-hearted, and friendly to people and pets. When not detecting, they both enjoy spending time playing and relaxing as her handler’s much-loved family pet.

At CiMEX, we use beagles for inspection and detection. Bed bugs emit a very slight musky odor, not easily identified by the human nose. A beagle with over 225 million olfactory receptors can easily pick out the bed bug scent and locate the source. The compact size of a beagle also makes it ideal for detecting bed bugs – low to the ground for sniffing floors, mattresses and electrical outlets and light enough for our handler to pick up for inspection of higher areas. This results in an accuracy rate of over 97% versus a human accuracy rate of only 30%. Detecting the best hiding spots for bed bugs is a breeze with our special canine sniffing dogs.


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