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Bed Bug Canine Inspection

The elusive nature of bed bugs is probably the biggest reason that they are able to create mass mayhem within a home or business! While it is easy to sense that signs of bed bugs are beginning to show up in your home or business, actually finding bed bug eggs or live bed bugs is often a much more difficult task.

Why Call the Experts?

A homeowner or business owner may encounter many challenges when attempting to do a bed bug inspection without the help of a professional. Larger homes and business facilities need to be thoroughly inspected with due diligence and precision in order to ensure that all infested rooms are properly identified.

Even some pest management experts may have a tough time finding the sly little pests in larger, more complicated environments. That’s why many pest control companies — ourselves included — have turned to specially trained canines to conduct K9 inspections alongside our team. Our beagles, Sally and Gus, have an incredible accuracy rate of 97% when it comes to locating the source of a bed bug infestation! Even professionally trained humans only have 30% accuracy, so our bed bug dogs get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Canine inspections for bed bugs are becoming a widespread feature of pest control companies. Just the same as a canine can use their paramount sense of smell to help find a missing person or sniff out explosives or drugs, dogs can also be expertly trained in bed bug scent detection.

Bed bug inspections with the use of certified entomology scent detection canine helpers are incredibly accurate and reliable. Plus, our dogs are also well-trained to be friendly to families and other pets!

Benefits Of Canine Assisted Bed Bug Services

Locates bed bugs at all stages of development.

To date, the only method of detecting bed bugs in every stage of life is through their scent. The scent of live bed bugs and bed bug eggs are similar to each other, if not the same to the canine’s sense of smell. While a human visual inspection may be able to locate eggs easier than live bugs or vice versa depending on circumstances, the canine does not have that same challenge during inspections.


Professional human visual inspections do not have the capability to see through walls, furniture, mattresses, carpeting, linens, and other cozy hiding spaces for bed bugs. Often times, some bed bugs are missed and do not get treated as a result of that.

It is simply too complex and time-consuming to thoroughly examine every individual piece of clothing, linen, carpet, pieces of furniture, etc. in the home or business for the presence of bed bugs. The canine’s consummate sense of smell is so precise that the canine can identify infestations that are not easily seen by the human eye.

Fast inspection with no mess.

Another advantage of the scent detection method by canines is that it is much less time consuming and extremely practical for large buildings and facilities. When there is a bed bug infestation affecting your home or business, time is of the essence. Bed bugs can multiply by the minute, and this can present yet another challenge to traditional visual inspections. Canines are far quicker then human visual inspectors are and they eliminate the necessity of moving around furniture and tearing apart beds and closets. There is no mess left behind after canines inspect, saving you time and money.

NESDCA Certified.

Our dogs have been well-schooled at National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) training facilities. Our customers benefit from their experience, skills and keen sense of smell!

Courts of law recognize properly trained, certified canines as a scientific instrument because of how effective and accurate they are. Should it be needed, the certification of canine scent inspection can protect the integrity of your home or business in a court case.

Faster detection and treatment for all infestations.

Bed bugs are all for one and one for all, at least as far as canines are concerned. The canine is able to detect a single live bed bug just as precisely as it can detect a mass infestation of bed bugs. With canine inspections, you have a leg up with being able to detect an infestation in its early stages. This saves you time and part of the expense when it comes down to bed bug treatment because it will not require the same extensive treatment as a severe infestation.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional For Thermal Heat Treatment Of Bed Bugs

Attempting to treat your home or business yourself with pesticides is likely to be unsafe and can expose your family and pets to unnecessary amounts of pesticides.

In addition, most of the bug spray variations on the market today are used so extensively that bed bugs have adapted and become resistant to them. This could actually cause the bed bug infestation to worsen, because repeated exposure to the same chemicals helps bed bugs build an immunity to them.

There are new bed bug treatment methods that don’t involve harsh chemicals. Instead, we use a thermal heat treatment to permeate tight crevices and areas that bed bugs tend to take shelter in. The methods we use at CiMEX can often resolve the bed bug infestation completely without harmful chemicals.

Bed bug control begins with accurate detection, and you can’t get any more accurate than our K9 bed bug inspectors! Contact us today at 703-470-6577 and let our bed bug sniffing dogs locate the source of your bed bug problems, so we can then solve them.

At CiMEX, we use beagles for inspection and detection. Bed bugs emit a very slight musky odor, not easily identified by the human nose. A beagle with over 225 million olfactory receptors can easily pick out the bed bug scent and locate the source. The compact size of a beagle also makes it ideal for detecting bed bugs – low to the ground for sniffing floors, mattresses and electrical outlets and light enough for our handler to pick up for inspection of higher areas. This results in an accuracy rate of over 97% versus a human accuracy rate of only 30%. Detecting the best hiding spots for bed bugs is a breeze with our special canine sniffing dogs.


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