CiMEX Thermal Convection Heat Treatment

New, safe and highly effective treatment for eradication of bed bugs has arrived to end bug invasions in homes and offices.

Bed bugs are incredibly tough and resilient with one exception— they die quickly under high heat conditions. Heat is widely recognized by the pest control industry and academic institutions as the best method for complete bed bug eradication

The science is simple and proven. Bed bugs in all life stages including eggs are completely eradicated when exposed to temperatures over 122 degrees Fahrenheit for even a short period of time.

Our trained technicians will introduce heat safely into your business or residence using state-of-the-art thermal convection heaters and powerful fans to distribute the heat evenly to all areas.


This process allows heat to penetrate beds, furniture, electronics, wall voids and clothing.  The technicians will open drawers, closets, bags and boxes; and also move furniture and beds to ensure heat reaches all areas where bed bugs may be hiding.

The process works because the heat treats all areas of the home including cracks and crevices. As the home reaches temperatures above 135 degrees Fahrenheit, beds, sheets, mattresses, and linens will get extremely hot.

No matter how well hidden, the bed bugs will be unable to escape as the rising temperature of the heaters roast the bed bugs.

Preparation required for the heat treatment process is simple.


Please read our Preparation Guide for Thermal Convection Heat Treatment.



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