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A bed bug is a parasitic insect that feeds by drawing blood from a host. The bed bug tends to stay very close to the host from which it gets its blood meal and can easily move from one host to another in seconds, leaving a trail of itchy red welts along the way. They often feed at night (hence their name), and that can make for a very rude awakening the next morning.

Killing bed bugs is often very difficult, because you have to find them first! These insects can hide in very small spaces. They can even fit into the indentation a nail makes in a wall. Bed bugs can also hide in shoes, clothing, sheets, blankets, pillows, computer bags, briefcases and many other soft, porous, household items.


Do You Have a Bed Bug Infestation?

A bed bug infestation takes place when large numbers of bed bugs are able to find hosts on which to feed and a convenient place to hide and reproduce. Some of the common places bed bug infestations take place include in mattresses, box springs, other parts of the bed, in carpets, curtains, as well as along baseboards.

The key is they need a place where they can remain undetected and find a nearby source of blood. Although beds are the most common place for bed bugs to hide, a bed bug infestation can also happen in other furniture, blankets, pet beds and other porous materials.

Bed Bug Treatments

Once our canine inspection has located the source of your bed bug problems, the next step is bed bug control. In our experience, thermal heat treatment is highly effective at eliminating bed bugs — and much safer for your family and pets than the use of pesticides.

Completely eliminating a bed bug infestation can be very challenging, and almost impossible for the average homeowner or business owner: The pesticides available for non-professional use at your local hardware store are not as effective as professional methods, and many individuals tend to use dangerous amounts of these chemicals.

For best results when you need to have your home treated for bed bugs, the smart move is to call in a professional pest control company. The bed bug is not a pest to be taken lightly: Without the right combination of extermination methods, a bed bug infestation can spread.

At CiMEX, we are pest control professionals who have the latest equipment and use very effective extermination methods. Our bed bug services quickly get rid of bed bugs so your household can get back to normal.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional

There are many benefits of hiring a pest extermination professional to handle the treatment of a bed bug infestation. Bedbugs are difficult to kill, live a relatively long time and procreate rapidly. It’s important to wipe them out completely the first time or a few bed bugs will escalate into a major infestation.

Professional pest management companies have the effective methods and techniques to quickly and completely stop the bed bug infestation. Our K9 inspection can find all the places bed bugs are hiding in your home, and our bed bug services finish the job by killing these pests and their eggs.

Safe, Effective Alternatives to Pesticides

Professionals end the bed bug infestation using fewer pesticides — good to know if you want to limit your family’s and your pets’ exposure to these dangerous chemicals.

Bed bugs are often immune to the commonly used bug sprays that are available in hardware stores, and using them can create a bigger problem. Often, when homeowners try to kill bed bugs themselves, the pests simply hibernate and reappear later to cause another infestation.

How Heat Can Kill Bed Bugs

Rather than relying on chemical methods, bed bug control professionals like CiMEX use electric heaters to penetrate hard-to-reach cracks and crevices, killing the bloodsuckers where they hide. Our thermal heat treatment generates the right amount of heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs very quickly.

Raising the temperature of your home over 122 degrees Fahrenheit for even a short time is extremely effective at killing bed bugs at all life stages. Preparing your home to be treated with heat is easy, and we arrive in an unmarked van so your bed bug problem stays private.

Our pest control professionals know safe methods to raise the air temperature just enough to permeate the things in the hot box and kill the bed bug eggs, larvae and adults without damaging your belongings. The heating units we bring with us use your home’s electricity, so there won’t be any outside generators to draw attention to your home.

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