Protect your business with canine inspection and detection of your hotel, rental property or Air B&B . Avoid appearing in bedbuggregistry.com.  Schedule a canine inspection and protect your reputation.

In the event that bed bugs are found, a Cimex heat treatment will eliminate the source of the infestations and get you back in business quickly.

No need to miss out on revenue and constantly spray your property with pesticides that may actually cause the bed bugs to spread out and make the problem worse.


Protect your family with a safe and effective heat-based treatment to solve your bed bug problems.  Bed bugs are small and expert hiders.  Our canine inspection team has extensive experience and expertise in detecting and isolating bed bugs and their eggs in mattresses, furniture, baseboards, electrical receptacles, and other small spaces.  We pinpoint the source and recommend the most effective treatment.

Finding and killing bed bugs requires skilled and experienced professionals with the right training and equipment.    We bring the heat so that you may have a restful, worry-free sleep.

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We bring the heat, so you can sleep