Bed Bug Control Services

Professional Canine Detectives

At Cimex,  we use beagles for inspection and detection.  A beagle with over 225 million olfactory receptors can easily pick out the bed bug scent and locate the source of your infestation.  Beagles are ideal for detecting bed bugs – low to the ground for sniffing floors, mattresses and electrical outlets.

Studies have repeatedly shown that canine bed bug detection dogs have an accuracy rate of over 97% versus a human accuracy rate of only 30%. Bed bugs emit a very slight musky odor, not easily identified by the human nose.  Our dogs can find even light infestations and assure elimination through follow-up inspections.

Our beagles were trained and certified by Iron-Heart High Performance Working Dogs, a premier training center known for producing working dogs with superior focus, intensity, and determination.  Not only are our dogs the ultimate bed bug professionals, they are gentle, kind-hearted, and friendly to people and pets.  When not detecting or training, they enjoy taking walks, playing and relaxing at home.

Detection Services

Our canine inspection team will inspect your home or business and determine whether you have bed bugs and pinpoint their location with speed and incredible accuracy.

A certified handler will lead the dog around every room while the dog sniffs for live bed bugs and their viable eggs in and behind furniture, mattresses and box springs, closets, dresser drawers, and toy boxes.

When the dog alerts, their handler will confirm the presence of live bugs and/or viable eggs in the identified areas.  This may involve moving mattress, box springs, and furniture, taking off outlet switches, and inspecting clothing, picture frames, stuffed animals, and toys.

Our handler takes detailed notes of infested locations so that all bed bugs are eliminated during the treatment process.


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