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About CiMEX K9 Bed Bug Control

We focus on environmentally friendly and safe heat-based treatments to solve bed bug problems. Bed bugs are adept at hiding in tight spaces, able to reproduce quickly, and highly resistant to pesticides, and as such, are extremely difficult to eradicate completely.

We have the heat-based tools, training, and expertise necessary to locate the source of your bed bug problem and provide successful extermination using state-of-the-art thermal convection heat technology.


Trained Canines

Our canine inspection team is trained and certified to detect and isolate bed bugs in their hiding spaces and stays abreast of the latest detection and training techniques.

Experienced Professionals

Finding and killing bed bugs requires skilled and experienced professionals with the right training and equipment. With our knowledge and our experience, we can isolate the source and extent of the infestations and customize our treatment to your specific needs.


Minimal Preparation

Many bed bug companies require extensive preparation prior to inspection and/or treatment. At Cimexk9bedbugcontrol, we require minimal preparation for canine inspection and reasonable preparation prior to our heating processes.

Our preparation guides detail what you will need to do prior to inspection and heat treatment. If you have any problems with the preparation steps, please let us know, and we will make accommodations. Our services are backed by a warranty that is among the best in the industry.

Open on Weekends & Evenings

We are dedicated professionals, and our business is open on weekends and evenings. We offer same-day treatments, while other companies may make you wait for weeks before they can schedule a treatment.

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